8 Dilemmas Funny Christian Girls Deal With

8 Dilemmas Funny Christian Girls Deal With

  Do you laugh at your own jokes? Do you love the Lord? Are you great? If so, you are most likely a funny Christian girl who can identify with these 8 dilemmas: 1. You can’t retweet cuss words No matter how funny the tweet is, even if a low-grade cuss word is involved, you [...]

I’m Not Happy

   Last weekend was one of the greatest weekends of my life. Two of my life long dreams came true. One being that I got to see Jimmy Fallon and two being that I got to go see Saturday Night Live. I stayed in a friend’s NYC apartment and had a magical adventure with my [...]

Stop Reading My Blog

Ebola, homosexuality, Isis, singleness, suicide, what do you guys want me to write about? Give me the controversial topics and I’ll tackle it. With the help of my strong Christian beliefs, my mediocre writing skills, and my golden opinions, I am prepared to give you a Christian worldview to adopt. It is obvious that a [...]

SEX: Why Are You Pure?

   As a single college student in the middle of Christian culture, people tell me to wait for sex a lot. “Wait until you’re married. It’s better when you’re married!” “Save yourself for your husband, you don’t want to take that baggage.” “Stay pure for your husband, it’s worth it!” All of these encouragements may [...]